Monday, January 24, 2005

Judges of the Supreme Being?

I can report that I happily did not see anyone condeming the marching crowd to hell as they walked by. Although I stayed at the front of the march by a good distance for most of the time so maybe they showed up in the middle of it.

I stumbled upon a group of teens who had decided to confront a man holding a sign which read "Execute Baby Killers" and had an image of an aborted fetus. His uniform was complete with a bullhorn and a bible. His schtick was that we should be executing anyone who performs an abortion... and I guess the women who had them, although I didn't hear that explicitly.

A brave group of mostly boys walked up and confronted him. Unfortunately this executioner had done this before and the brave young souls, alas, had not. His argument was quick and loud, and theirs was disorganized, unsure, and poorly thought out. The boys quickly turned to childish mockery of anything the man said and put up absolutely no solid argument whatsoever while they shied away into the comfort of their inner circle. I commend them for their courage, but I hope they'll not be scared away from debate by the experience.